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  • US is losing the Bitcoin movement, says Cathie Wood
    Key takeaways Cathie Wood has stated that she believes the United States is losing the Bitcoin movement due to the regulatory system.  She stated that the collapse of FTX proved the concept of Bitcoin. Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest is one of the major investors of Coinbase. US is being left behind, says Cathie Wood Cathie […]
  • Why is the crypto market up today? Imminent debt ceiling vote boosts the market
    Key takeaways The cryptocurrency market is up by more than 2% today after underperforming for the best part of May. Bitcoin topped the $28k mark for the first time this month. The rally comes as President Biden and the House leadership reached an agreement on the debt ceiling. Crypto Market Cap Reaches $1.16 Trillion The […]
  • Michael Novogratz says Bitcoin will be ‘off to the races’ near year-end
    Bitcoin ended May down 8.0% – its worth month since November. Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz is still bullish on BTC. He explained why this morning on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”. Bitcoin just had its worst month since late last year but Michael Novogratz – the Chief Executive of Galaxy Digital is keeping optimistic on the […]
  • Report: Bitcoin mining stocks – extreme volatility and underperforming Bitcoin
    Key Takeaways Bitcoin mining stocks have traded with significantly more volatility than Bitcoin itself Mining stocks have underperformed, as rising energy costs and increased competition has cut into profits Miners also overleveraged during the pandemic, purchasing new equipment with debt and holding onto Bitcoin stashes as prices fell Fees on the network rose with the […]
  • Why are Bitcoin transaction fees rising, and what are BRC-20 tokens?
    Key Takeaways BRC-20 tokens were launched on Bitcoin in March 2023 Transaction fees spiked to all-time highs in May 2023 as network activity spiked Bringing memes and NFTs to Bitcoin has caused controversy Some argue the rising fees are vital to the security of the network, while others scoff at the activity for getting away […]